Store Pickup

We will keep your order at stores for three days (""Free Storage Period""). HK$100 administrative fee will be incurred if you pick up your order later than three days (""Charged Storage Period""). 

Store Pickup Points:

Central and Western District
G/F and Cockloft, Nos.67 & 69 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, H.K.
G/F, Western Commercial Building, Nos. 29-31 Des Voeux Road West, H.K.
Ground Floor and Basement of Avon Court, No.23 Caine Road, Hong Kong
Shop 10A & B, G/F, Harbour View Garden, No. 2 Cathick Street, Sai Wan, H.K.
Central and Western District Shop 7,G/F, Imperial Kennedy Shopping Arcade, No.82 Belcher's Street,Kennedy Town , HK
Shop G, G/F, Luen Tak Apartments, No.45 Smithfield and No.34 Forbes Street, H.K.
Shop No. G23-27, Ground Floor, Midland Plaza, 328 Queen's Road Central, H.K.
Shop No.1, G/F, Tung Che Commercial Centre, No.246 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun, H.K.
Shop no.12 & 12B, G/F, Yip Cheong Building, No. 426-428B, Des Voeux Road West, H.K.
Shop no.235, Podium Level 2, The Westwood, 8 Belcher's Street, Sai Wan, H.K.
Shop nos.A-C, G/F, No. 128 Wellington Street, Central, H.K.
Eastern District
Bank A on Basement of Dollar Building, Nos. 143-145 Shaukiwan Road, Hong Kong
G/F and M/F of Dak Shing Bldg., No. 94 Java Road,North Point, H.K.
G/F, 100 Electric Road, North Point, H.K.
G/F, Concord Commercial Building, Nos. 155-157 King's Road, H.K.
G/F, Hing Cheong Building, No.25 Shau Kei Wan Road, H.K.
Portion of PARKnShop, Wet Market on Portion of M/F., Kornhill Plaza of Kornhill Development Phase II, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Shop 114 & 115, Wan Tsui Shopping Centre, Wan Tsui Estate, Chaiwan, Hong Kong
Shop A, G/F, Fung Yuen Building, Nos. 388-414 Shau Kei Wan Road, H.K.
Eastern District Shop D, G/F, Yee Tak House, 127 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, H.K.
Shop no. 100 of LG/F., No. 1010-1046 King’s Road, East Pavilion, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Shop No. 106B, 1/F., Oi Tung Shopping Centre, Oi Tung Estate, Shau Kei Wan,Hong Kong
Shop No. 204, 2/F, Yiu Tung Shopping Centre, Yiu Tung Estate, Shau Kei Wan, H.K.
Shop No. B, G/F., Hoi Sang Building, 12 Mercury Street, North Point, Hong Kong
Shop No. B52 on Basement of Provident Square, North Point
Shop No.111, First Floor, Hing Tung Shopping Centre, Shau Kei Wan, H.K.
Shop No.7, First Floor, Island Resort Mall, 28 Siu Sai Wan Road, Siu Sai Wan, H.K.
Shop No.A1, Manly Plaza, No.993 King' s Road, Quarry Bay, H.K.
Shop Nos. L44 & L53B, Lower Ground Fit Fort, North Point, H.K.
Shop nos.301A, 301B & 301C, 3/F, Siu Sai Wan Shopping Centre, 10 Siu Sai Wan Road, Chai Wan, H.K.
Shop Unit 2 on the First Floor of Block B of Walton Estate, Nos. 341-343 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, H.K.
Shop Units 214-215,Paradise Mall Hang Fa Chuen Hong Kong
Kowloon City District
G/F, 19 Tokwawan Road, Tokwawan, Kln.
G/F, No.72A, 72B, 72C & 74A, To Kwa Wan Road, Kln.
Shop 1, G/F, No.1 Lion Rock Road, Kln.
Shop 16, G/F of the Commercial Podium of Site 12 of Whampoa Garden, Hunghom, Kln.
Shop 3, G/F, Chung Hwa Building & Kiu Shing Building, Nos. 3A-3C, 5, 5A-F, Ma Hang Chung Road, Nos. 55-65 Pau Chung Street, Tokwawan, Kln.
Shop 760-762A, Level 7, Fortune Metropolis, No. 6 Metropolis Drive, Hunghom, Kowloon
Shop 7A, 7B & Rear Portion Shop 8A, 8B, 8C, G/F Fokon Bldg, 90-98D, Ma Tau Chung Road, Kln.
Kowloon City District Shop 7D, G/F, Baker Street, Hung Hom Bay Centre, Hung Hom, Kln.
Shop B013, Ground Floor, Ching Long Shopping Centre, Kowloon City, Kln.
Shop B103, B105 & B105A, Basement One Floor, Kowloon City Plaza, No.128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon City, Kln.
Shop no. 304, 3/F, Ho Man Tin Plaza, 80 Fat Kwong Street, Ho Man Tin, Kln.
Shop No. 35 & 36, G/F, Jubilant Place, 33 Ma Tau Kok Road, Tokwawan, Kln.
Shop No. A015, G/F (Zone A) Ching Long Shopping Centre, 28 Shing Kai Road, Kowloon City,Kowloon
Shop no.F15, F16 and F17, First Floor, Oi Man Shopping Centre, No.60 Chung Hau Street, Kln.
Shop Nos. 111-112, 1/F., Kowloon City Plaza (KCP), No. 128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon City
Shop Nos. 5 & 6 on the Upper G/F of Ka Yee Lau, Ka Wai Chuen, No. 44 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hunghom, Kowloon
Shop nos.7A & 7B, First Floor, Celestial Place, Celestial Heights, No. 80 Sheung Shing Street, Kln.
Kwai Tsing District
Concession TSY 208 at Tsing Yi Station,New Territories, Hong Kong
Shop 10 & 11, On Level 1, Rambler Plaza, 1 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi, H.K.
Shop 107-9, 1/F of Hang King Shopping Arcade ,9 Wing  Fong  Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop 111, Podium Level 1, Kwai Chung Shopping Centre, Kwai Chung, New Territories
Shop 211-212, 2/F, Kwai Chung Shopping Centre, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop 817-820, Shop A23a, G/F, Kwai Chung Plaza, 7-11 Kwai Foo Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop G19, G21-G26, G/F, Greenfield Garden Phase 2, Tsing Yi, N.T.
Shop No. 202, 2/F, Shek Lei Shopping Centre, Phase II, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop No. 61-68, Level 3, Mayfair Gardens, Tsing Yi, New Territories
Shop no. C01, Second Floor, Tai Wo Hau Commercial Centre (1), Kwai Chung, New Territories
Shop No. OT 201, Second Lower Ground Floor, Cheung Hang Shopping Centre, Cheung Hang Estate, Tsing Yi, N.T.
Kwai Tsing District Shop No.14H, 1/F, Tsing Yi Garden, Nos.7-19 Tsing Luk Street, Tsing Yi, N.T.
Shop No.7, First Floor, Tsing Yi Shopping Centre, Tsing Yi, New Territories
Shop No.9A, G/F, Kwai Hing Shopping Centre, No.2 Wo Kwai Lane, Kwai Hing, New Territories, Hong Kong
Shop no.LG105, LG1, Shek Yam Shopping Centre, Shek Yam Estate, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop nos. 112 & 112A, First Floor, Kwai Fong Plaza, 177 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung
Shop nos. 408E & 408F, 4/F., Cheung Fat Plaza, No. 6 Tam Kon Shan Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories
Shop Nos. 6 and 7, Ground floor, Hong Kwai House, Cheung Hong Estate, Tsing Yi, New Territories
Shop Nos.111A and 111B, First Floor, Commercial Centre, On Yam Estate, 7 On Chak Street, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong.
Shop Nos.117 & 119, 1/F, Kwai Shing East Shopping Centre, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop Nos.13-16, G/F, Lei Muk Shue Shopping Centre, Lei Muk Shue Estate, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop nos.132-134, First Floor, Nob Hill Square, 8 King Lai Path, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop nos.35-36 & 37B, 2/F, Sun Kwai Hing Plaza, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shop nos.77A, 80-82, 83A-83B & 84, G/F, Kwai Sing Centre, No.412 Castle Peak Road,Kwai Chung, N.T.
Shops C201, C203 & C205, 2/F, Block C at Cho Yiu Centre, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Kwun Tong District
Flat A, G/F, Flats A, C and E on M/F, Nam Tai Mansion, Nos.50-68 Shui Wo Street, Kln.
Mezzanine Floor, Nos.301 & 303 Ngau Tau Kok Road & Nos.1,3,5 & 7 Luen On Street, Kln.
Portion of D5,D10,& D11of Unit D,Block G&H,G/F,East Sun Industrail Centre,No.16 Shing Yip Street,Kwun Tong,Kowloon.
Shop 1 & 2 G/F Tin Kuen House Shun Tin Estate Kwun Tong,Kln.
Shop 101, Yau Lai Shopping Centre, Yau Tong, Kln.
Shop No. 222 on Second Floor, Domain, Yau Tong, Kln.
Shop No. 225, Second Floor, Commercial/Car Park Block, Ping Tin Estate, Nos.18 and 23 on Tin Street, Lam Tin, Kln.
Shop No. 231, 2/F, Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Lam Tin, Kln.
Shop No. B8, Basement One, Laguna Plaza, No. 88 Cha Kwo Ling Road, Kwun Tong, Kln.
Shop No. F19, 1/F., Telford Plaza, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon 
Shop No. UG04,On Tat Shopping Centre,On Tat Estate, Kwun Tong,Kowloon
Kwun Tong District Shop No.101B, First Floor, Kwong Tin Estate, Pik Wan Road, Lam Tin, Kln.
Shop No.215, 2/F, Lei Yue Mun Plaza, 80 Lei Yue Mun Road, Yau Tong, Kln.
Shop no.4C, M1 Level, Tsui Tsz House, Tsui Ping (North) Estate, Kwun Tong, Kln.
Shop No.5, Ground Floor, Po Tat Shopping Centre, Po Tat Estate, Kwun Tong, Kln.
Shop no.501-2, Fifth Floor, Choi Tak Shopping Centre, Ngau Tau Kok, Kln.
Shop No.9, G/F, Kai Lok House, Kai Yip Estate, Kowloon Bay, Kln.
Shop Nos. 102, 103, 104 and 105, G/F, Lok Wah (North) Shopping Centre, Lok Wah South and North Estate, No.70 Chun Wah Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kln.
Shop Nos. F88 & 90, F96 & 98, 117, 117A & 118, 1/F., Amoy Plaza of Amoy Gardens, Phase 1, 77 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kowloon
Shop nos. P15-P17, 3/F, Shun Lee Shopping Centre, Shun Lee Estate, Kwun Tong, Kln.
Shop nos.201-202 & 224, 2/F, Tak Tin Shopping Centre, Tak Tin Estate, Lam Tin, Kln.
Shop Nos.221, 222 and 225 on the First Floor of TBG Mall, Tak Bo Garden, 3 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kln.
Shop212, Second Floor, Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre, Sau Mau Ping Estate, Kwun Tong, Kln.
North District
Shop 105, 106 and 107, First Floor, Commercial / Car Park Block, Ka Fuk Estate, N.T.
Shop 18B, UG/F, Avon Park, 15 Yat Ming Road, Fanling, N.T.
Shop no. 2, G/F., Yung Shing Shopping Centre, Yung Shing Court, Fanling, New Territories
Shop No. 2037B, Level 2, Sheung Shui Centre, Sheung Shui, New Territories
North District Shop no. A, G/F & Cockloft, Chuen Wo Building, Nos. 82A-82D San Fung Avenue, Shek Wu Hui, N.T.
Shop No. A96, A97, A98, A102, A103, A104, A105 & A108, 1/F,  Flora Plaza, Fanling, N.T.
Shop No.7, Ching Ho Shopping Centre, Ching Ho Estate, Sheung Shui, N.T.
Shop nos. 18-19, Level 1, Regentville Shopping Mall, 8 Wo Mun Street, Luen Wo Hui, Fanling, N.T.
Shop Nos. 237-242 on First Floor of Fanling Centre, Fanling, N.T.
Shop nos. 310, 312, 314 & 316, Third Floor, Choi Chu House, Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui, N.T.
Shop Nos. R126, R127, R128 and R122A, First Floor, Commercial / Car Park Block(also known as Wah Sum Shopping Centre), Wah Sum Estate, 18 Tat Ming Road, Fanling, N.T.
Shop No. 115 & 117, G/F., Tin Ping Shopping Centre, 48 Tin Ping Road, Sheung Shui, New Territories
Outlying Islands District
Shop No. G04, Ground Floor, Century Link, Tung Chung
Shop Nos. 131-132, 1/F., Block C, Discovery Bay Plaza, Discovery Bay,Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Outlying Islands District Shop Nos. 209-210, Yat Tung Shopping Centre, Yat Tung Estate, Lantau Island, N.T.
Shop Nos16-17, Podium 1/F, Caribbean Bazaar, Tung Chung, N.T.
Shops 14 & 15, G/F, Tung Chung Crescent II, Tung Chung, N.T.
The Whole of the Building, No. 40 Praya Street, Cheung Chau,NT
Sai Kung District
G/F including Cockloft of Shop E, Kam Wah Building, Nos. 18/32 Chan Man Street, Sai Kung, New Territories
Shop 3A, G/F, King Lam Shopping Centre, King Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, N.T.
Shop E033-E034, G/F, East Wing, TKO Gateway (Hau Tak Shopping Centre), Hau Tak Estate, Sheung Ning Road,Tseung Kwan O, Sai Kung,N.T.
Shop No. 1-027, Level 1, Tseung Kwan O Plaza, No. 1 Tong Tak Street,Tseung Kwan O,New Territories
Shop No. 103 & 104, G/F Sau Lam House, Tsui Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories
Shop no. 123, 1/F., PopWalk 2, Tseung Kwan O, NT
Shop No. 2081, Level 2, MCP Central, TKO, N.T
Sai Kung District Shop No. 263 on 2/F, East Point City (東港城), Tseung Kwan O 
Shop No. 32, G/F., Ming Tak Shopping Centre, Ming Tak Estate, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories
Shop No. B222, Level 1, Nan Fung Plaza, Tseung Kwan O, NT
Shop No.L2-033, Level 2, Commercial Development Of MetroTown, Tseung Kwan O, N.T.
Shop Nos. 107 and 108, First Floor Commercial/Car Park Block (also known as Sheung Tak Shopping Centre) Sheung Tak Estate, 2 Tong Ming Street, Tseung Kwan O, N.T.
Shop Nos. G64-67 & G74-75 on the Ground floor, Metro City Phase 1, 1 Wan Hang Road, Tseung Kwan O.
Shop Nos.316-320, 3/F, Po Kan House, Po Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O, N.T.
Shop Unit 205B, 2/F, The Lohas, Tseung Kwan O
Sha Tin District
G/F, Shop nos.16-17 Grandeur Garden, 55-65 Tai Wai Road, Tai Wai, N.T.
Shop 105, 1/F, Mei Tin Shopping Centre, Mei Tin Estate, Tai Wai, N.T.
Shop G117, Yiu On Shopping Centre, Yiu On Estate, Ma On Shan, N.T.
Shop G38, G/F, Royal Ascot Commercial Complex, 1 Tsun King Road, Shatin, N.T.
Shop No. 1,2 and 3, G/F., Kwong Yuen Shopping Centre, Commercial Block 5, Kwong Yuen Estate, Shatin, New Territories
Shop No. 201, 1/F, Wing A, Hin Keng Shopping Centre, Hin Keng Estae, 69 Che Kung Miu Road, Shatin, N.T.
Shop No. 201, 2/F., Shui Chuen O Plaza, Shui Chuen O Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Shop No. 206, Pok Hong Commercial Centre, Pok Hong Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Shop No. 215A, Level 3, Lung Hang Shopping Centre, Lung Hang Estate, Shatin, New Territories
Shop No. 228, 2/F, Wo Che Shopping Centre, Wo Che Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Sha Tin District Shop No. 3E-17 on Level 3, Sunshine City Plaza, Ma On Shan,N.T
Shop No. 4, G/F, Pok Yue House, Pok Hong Estate, Shatin, N.T.
Shop No. 406, 4/F, Heng On Shopping Centre, Heng On Estate, Ma On Shan, Shatin, N.T.
Shop no. G07, Shek Mun Shopping Centre, Shek Mun Estate, Shatin, New Territories
Shop No. L201, LG/2, Lee On Shopping Centre, Lee On Estate, Ma On Shan, New Territories
Shop No. S2, Second Floor,Mei Lam Shopping Centre, Mei Lam Estate, 30 Mei Tin Road, Tai Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong
Shop no.117, 1/F, Yu Chui Shopping Centre,
Yu Chui Court, 2, 6, 8 Ngau Pei Sha Street, Shatin, N.T.
Shop No.2, Upper Shopping Level Floor, Lek Yuen Plaza, Lek Yuen Estate, 6 Lek Yuen Street, Shatin, N.T.
Shop no.347, 348 and 348A on Level 3, Ma On Shan Plaza, 608 Sai Sha Road, Ma On Shan, N.T.
Shop Nos. 131 and 132C, 1/F.,, Chung On Shopping Centre, Chung On Estate, Shatin, Ma On Shan ,New Territories.
Shop Nos. 323B and 326 on 3rd Floor, Jubilee Square, 2-18 Lok King Street, Fotan, N.T.
Shop Nos. G18- G22, G/F., Sui Wo Commercial Centre, No. 13 Sui Wo Road, Shatin, New Territories
Shop Nos. G21, G105 and G107 on G/F., Fortune City One Plus, City One Shatin, New Territories
Shop Nos.1&3, G/F, Ming Yiu Lau, Jat Min Chuen, N.T.
Shop nos.20 & 21, 2/F, Sun Chui Shopping Centre,Sun Chui Estate, Tai Wai, Shatin, N.T.
Shop Nos.77-80,Level 3,Lucky Plaza,1-15Wang Pok Street,Sha Tin,New Territories
Shop Nos.6, 7, 21, 22, 23, 23A, 25 & 26 on Level 3, Hilton Plaza, Nos. 3-9 Sha Tin Centre Street, Shatin, New Territories
Sham Shui Po District
G/F, No. 37 Un Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Kln.
Ground Floor, Richview Mansion, 92 Castle Peak Road, Kln.
Shop 1, G/F, Southern Lodge, No.364 Un Chau Street, Kln.
Shop 107, First Floor, Lei Cheng Uk Shopping Centre, Lei Cheng Uk Estate, Kln.
Shop No. 104, Mei Hei House, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Kowloon
Shop No. 33 Podium Floor, 69-119 Broadway, Stage 1, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kln.
Sham Shui Po District Shop no. G07, Mei Kwai House, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Kowloon,
Shop No.1, G/F, One New York, No. 468 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kln.
Shop No.13A & 13B, 1/F, Banyan Mall, No.863 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kln.
Shop Nos. 12, 13 and 14, Ground Floor, Fortune Shopping Centre Fortune Estate,  Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Shop Nos. 17-19 G/F., Nam Cheong Centre, 89 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po , Kowloon
Shop Nos. G11, G/F., So Uk Shopping Centre, So Uk Estate, Shamshuipo, Kowloon
Shop Nos. G13B,G14 and G15,G/F, Nam Cheong Place, Fu Cheong Estate, Shum Shui Po, Kowloon
Unit No. 409, 4/F, Dragon Centre, 37K Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po, Kln.
Shop Nos. A & B, Ground Floor of Hong Lee Building, Nos. 444-450 Castle Peak Road, Shamshuipo, Kowloon
Southern District
Ground Floor No. 74 & Cockloft No. 74-76 Old Main Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Shop 1 & Shop 2, Ground Floor, Sun Fung Court, No. 15 Ka Wo Street, Tin Wan, H.K.
Shop 1B, Wah Fu (1) Shopping Centre, Wah Fu (1) Estate, H.K.
Shop 401, Fourth Floor, Stanley Plaza, Ma Hang Estate, 23 and 33 Carmel Road, Stanley, H.K.
Shop A, G/F, Richsun Garden, No.51 Centre Street, H.K.
Southern District Shop B & D, G/F, Winner Building, 11-11A Wong Nai Chung Road, H.K.
Shop B on Ground Floor of On Fai Building, No. 82 Old Main Street, Aberdeen
Shop G on the First Floor, Site 5 of Aberdeen Centre, Hong Kong
Shop No.101B, Lei Tung Shopping Centre, Lei Tung Estate, H.K.
Shop Nos.317A, 3/F, Chi Fu Landmark, Pok Fu Lam, H.K.
Unit No. 124, 1/F of Marina Square, the West Commercial Block, South Horizons, Apleichau, Hong Kong
Tai Po District
Portion (New Shop 3) of Cinema I (Otherwise known as Commercial Unit 5), Level One, Tai Po Plaza, No.1 On Tai Road, N.T.
Shop 072-073, 1/F., Uptown Plaza, Tai Po, N.T.
Shop A, G/F & Cockloft, Wing Lok Mansion, Nos. 6 & 8 Tai Wing Lane, Tai Po, N.T.
Shop No. 2-4, Tai Yuen Shopping Centre, Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po, N.T.
Shop No. S4, G/F, Tai Yuen Shopping Centre, Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po, N.T.
Tai Po District Shop No.19, G/F, Fu Heng Shopping Centre, Fu Heng Estate, Tai Po, N.T.
Shop no.5, G/F, Commercial Podium, La Fontaine, 6 Chui Lok Street, Tai Po, N.T.
Shop Nos. F101,102and F103, First Floor, Fu Shin Shopping Centre, Fu Shin Estate, Tai Po
Shop Nos. P309,P310,P311 and P312, Level 5, Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre, Kwong Fuk Estate, Tai Po, New Territories
Shop S305-S306, On Wo House, Tai Wo Estate, Tai Po, N.T.
Tsuen Wan District
G/F, Shop 1, Moon Lok Dai Ha, 50 Hoi Pak Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
G/F., No. 120, Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan
G/F., No. 35, Tin Liu New Village,Ma Wan, New Territories
Shop 3, G/F, Belvedere Square, Belvedere Garden, Phase III, No.625 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Shop No. 1011-1014, 1/F., KOLOUR-Tsuen Wan 1, No. 68 Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan
Shop No. 15B, G/F, Tsuen Wan Centre Shopping Arcade Phase 2, No.87-105 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Tsuen Wan District Shop No. 21 on the Ground Floor of Belvedere Square, Belvedere Garden Phase 3, Tsuen Wan,New Territories
Shop No. 530, Level 5, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Shop Nos. 6A and 6B, G/F, Lido Garden, Nos. 41-63 Castle Peak Road, Sham Tseng, N.T.
Shop Nos.211-212, Second Floor, Shek Fong House, Shek Wai Kok Estate, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Shop S8C, 1/F, Riviera Shopping Centre, Podium D, Rivera Gardens, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Shops 3020 and 3021, Level 3 of Discovery Park Shopping Centre,Tsuen Wan,New Territories
Shops A & B, G/F, Far East Bank Tsuen Wan Building, Nos. 135-143 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Tuen Mun District
 Shop No 210A , Second Floor, Fu Tai Shopping Centre,Tuen Mun N.T
MTR Station Shop SIH 32 at Siu Hong Station , New Territories, Hong Kong.
Portion A of Shop 20, Ground Floor, Kam Men Mansion, No.15 Tseng Choi Street, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shop 313, 3/F, New Town, Mansion Commercial Complex, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shop 38, 1/F, Ocean Walk, Pierhead Plaza, 168-236 Wu Chui Rd, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shop 66B, G/F, Chi Lok Fa Yuen, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shop L202, 1/F., Tai Hing Shopping Centre, Tai Hing Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Shop No. 107-108, Shan King Shopping Centre, Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Tuen Mun District Shop No. 49, Ground Floor, Hong Lai Garden, Nos. 117-157 Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Nos. 141-145 Ho Pong Street and Nos. 2A-2I  Tsing Yin Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories.
Shop No. N-124, Ground Floor, On Ting Shopping Centre, 2A Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shop No. TUM 12-13 at Tuen Mun Station of MTR (near exit D),  New Territories
Shop Nos. 203-205 on Level 2,Chelsea Heights,1Shek Pai Tau Path,Tuen Mun.
Shop Nos. G17, Yan Tin Shopping Centre, Yan Tin Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Shop Nos. L-L332, Level 3, Butterfly Plaza, Butterfly Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong
Shop nos.121-124, Level 3, Sun Tuen Mun Shopping Centre, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shop Nos.L301, L302, L303 and L304, Level 3, Commercial/Car park Block (also Known as Leung King Shopping Centre ), Leung King Estate, No.31 Tin King Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shop Units 211-212, Hanford Plaza, No. 333 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.
Shops Nos.3, 5 & 6, Upper Ground Floor, Venice Gardens, No.12 Leung Tak Street, Tuen Mun, N.T.
WanChai District
Cockloft of No. 5 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, H.K.
G/F & 1/F, No. 476 Lochart Road, Causweay Bay, Hong Kong
LG/F, 350-354 Hennessy Road, Cheong Ip Building, Wanchai, H.K.
WanChai District Shop A, G/F, No.8 Causeway Road, H.K.
Shop B on G/F and Mezzanine Floor of Jade House, Nos. 11-15 Fleming Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Shop D-E, G/F Fu Yuen Building 20-20D Spring Garden Lane, Wanchai
Shop H & Basement, Cheong Hong Mansion, Nos. 25-33 Johnston Road, Nos.1-3 Thomson Road, H.K.
Wong Tai Sin District
G/F, Shop A2, On Lee Bldg., 41-53 Fung Tak St. & 9-15 Fei Fung St., Wong Tai Sin, Kln.
Shop 217-218, Fung Tak Shopping Centre, Fung Tak Estate, Diamond Hill, Kln.
Shop 2-3, On Ground Floor, Shung Ling Building, 69-75 Shung Ling Street, Kln.
Shop No. 121, Level 1, Temple Mall South, Lower Wong Tai Sin (2) Estate, Kowloon
Shop No. 634-637, 6/F, Tse Wan Shan Shopping Centre, Tse Wan Shan, Kln.
Wong Tai Sin District Shop No. 7 & 8A, 1/F., Kai Tak Garden Shopping Arcade, 121 Choi Hung Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon
Shop no.11, G/F, Fu Yan House, Fu Shan Estate, Diamond Hill, Kln.
Shop No.47 Chui King House, Choi Hung Estate,Kowloon,Hong Kong
Shop No.B302, 3/F, Choi Wan Shopping Centre Phase III, Choi Wan (I) Estate, Ngau Chi Wan, Kln.
Shop Nos.2120 & 2121, Second Floor, Lok Fu Plaza, Lok Fu Estate, Kowloon
Shops S203 & S204, Chuk Yuen Plaza, Chuk Yuen Estate, Kln.
Shop No. 5 and Portion of Shop of Nos. 6 & 7 G/F., Cheong Tai Building, Nos. 83-97 King Fuk Street, Sanpokong, Kowloon
Yau Tsim Mong District
2B,1/F, Hilton Towers, No.96 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kln.
Concession KOW 86 at MTR Kowloon Station, Kowloon,Hong Kong
Flat C on Ground Floor, Pak Po Mansions, No. 159 -161Sai Yee Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
G/F & Cockloft, No.5&5A Play Field Road, Kln.
G/F and Basement, Bell House, Nos.525-543A Nathan Road, Kln.
G/F, No. 128A Fa Yuen Street, Kln.
G/F, No.110 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln.
No. 67C, G/F, Waterloo Road, Kln.
Portion of Lower Ground Floor of Phase 1 of Austin Tower, 22-26 Austin Avenue, Tsimshatsui, Kln.
Portion of Shop A, B & C, G/F and A, B & C of 1/F, Kam Ling Building, No.42 Pilkem Street, Jordan, Kln.
Shop B-D, G/F, Go-up Commercial Building, 998 Canton Road, Kln.
Yau Tsim Mong District Shop No. 1, G/F Lime Stardom, Nos. 3 and 19 Larch Street, Kowloon
Shop No. 6, Ground Floor of Hilton Towers, No. 96 Granville Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon
Shop No. B & C, Ground Floor, Nos. 364 & 366 Shanghai Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Shop No.UG12, UG/F, Olympian City 1, West Kowloon, Kln.
Shop Nos. 037-038 & 047-050, Ground Floor, New Kowloon Plaza, Tai Kok Tsui, Kln.
Shop Nos. 105 and 106A, First Floor, Hoi Fu Court, 2Hoi Ting Road,Mongkok, Kowloon.
Shop Nos. UG52-53 on Upper Ground Floor, Coronation Circle, 1 Yau Cheung Road, Kln.
Shop nos.27A-31A, Basement, Mirador Mansion, No.58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln.
Shop Nos.G26-28, G/F, Metro Harbour Plaza, Tai Kok Tsui, Kln.
Shops nos.1 and 2, G/F, Ocean Building, No.80 Shanghai Street, Kln.
Unit A, Shop No. 1, G/F, Tai Chuen Building (Block P), Cosmopolitan Estate, 88-102 Ivy Street & 52 Kok Cheung Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kln.
Shop on Ground Floor and First Floor of 193 Sai Yee Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
Yuen Long District
Portion of G/F Shop 2 & 1/F., O.T.B. Building Yuen Long, 95-97 Castle Peak Road Yuen Long, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Shop 108-109, 1/F., Phase II, Kingswood Ginza, 12-18, Tin Yan Road, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.
Shop 115-116, 1/F, Tin Yan Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.
Shop G8, G8A & Common Corridor, Palm Springs Commercial Centre, Yuen Long, N.T.
Shop No. 112E, 1/F., Tin Chak Shopping Centre, Tin Chak Estate, Nos. 71, 73, 75 and 77 Tin Shui Road, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories
Shop No. 2, G/F., Hung Fuk Shopping Centre, Hung Fuk Estate,Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
Shop No. 35, G/F., Yuccie Square, No. 38 Yuen Long On Ning Road, Yuen Long,  New Territories
Yuen Long District Shop No. A113 on Level 1,YOHO Mall II,Yuen Long,N.T.
Shop No. L103, 1/F., Tin Shing Shopping Centre, Tin Shing Court, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories
Shop No. L111, 1/F, Tin Shui Shopping Centre, Tin Shui Estate, Tin Shui Wai,  New Territories
Shop No. L201, Second Floor, Long Ping Shopping Centre, Long Ping Estate, Yuen Long, New Territories
Shop No. N222, N223 and N224, Second Floor, T Town North , Tin Yuet Estate, New Territories 
Shop Nos. 107 & 108, First Floor, Tin Tze Shopping Centre, Tin Tsz Estate, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories
Shop Nos. 307-312, 3/F, Yuen Long Plaza, 251 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long, N.T.
Shop Nos. 4A, 4B & 4C, G/F At Block D,Town Centre, Fairview Park, Yuen Long, New Territories
Shop Nos. A139-A141, G/F, Kingswood Richly Plaza, 1 Tin Wu Road, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.
Shop Nos.19-26 & 66-67, 1/F, Citimall Plaza, 1 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long, N.T.